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Battle School

Battle School is an interactive and competitive program designed to teach you about the physical and technical attacks one could attempt on a company’s security system. These challenges will prepare you and train you to compete in the battle room hack – if you dare try.

There are four divisions – physical, web, DDoS, and mobile to test your ability and knowledge of security hacking. After successfully completing the four challenges you will raise your chances of conquering the battle room.

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Test your skills and earn a CPE credit  Take the SQL Injection challenge!

Hack your way to CPE credits!

Not only will you get street cred for your hacking abilities, you’ll also potentially earn up to eight CPE credits. This is a real-world activity - no lectures or paperwork required. Educredu will track your activity and evidence - everything you’ll need to collect those valuable CPEs.

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Physical Division
Learn how to hack physical infrastructures such as door locks, key pads, and logic circuits.
Web Division
Learn how to obtain the credentials of a particular user on a website through the usage of OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities. Gain an understanding of common website vulnerabilities, and common phishing and social engineering tactics that attackers use to try and steal user information.
DDoS Division
Learn about different DDoS attack vectors by having access to a monitoring system. The monitoring system will send alerts for 3 different scenarios that would normally cause a system alarm to trigger, but you will have to choose an appropriate DDoS attack in order to overwhelm that particular monitor.
Mobile Division
Using the components from NFC Village, we will show you how NFC enabled phones can be used as a hacking tool. Through different examples you will learn how an NFC enabled phone can be leveraged and how to stay protected. We will then proceed to teach you how to use a mobile phone to steal data using NFC, and show you how and why they need to be protected.
Battle Room
If you've made it to the battle room, a great responsibility now rests upon you. After gaining skills from the four divisions, you will be able to attempt a hack on the battle room - a safe environment to test your skills. If the system is tripped you will suffer the consequences, but if you conquer you will win the ultimate prize and the very rare 'bragging rights'.
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